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You can purchase these liturgical vestments in sets or individually - the choice is yours. Our chasubles are all created from high quality materials and are beautifully ornamented in different styles (including, e.g. Monastic, Gothic, Roman and others). Check our complete offer of catholic vestments, available online.

GD smoking

We aim to deliver our clients first-rate devices, such as our Smoke generator GD. Smoking couldn’t get any easier and better – our devices offer up to 8 hours of constant smoke without the need to add wood chips. The right temperature allows you to prepare delicious and fine-quality food – try for yourself!

Electric coffee roasters

If you want to enable experimentation, flavouring and customisation in your business, check out our shop's offering! We have a wide selection of electric coffee roasters. Choose according to what capacity or brewing time you care about. Thanks to our extensive range, each person is able to choose the perfect model to meet their needs.

CC creams

Primers are the basis of any make-up. Are they really? Fluids can be heavily opaque and heavy. For everyday use, BB and CC creams are sometimes a better choice. How do they differ from classic foundations? They provide rather average coverage, but apart from their aesthetic function, their job is to care for the skin like a moisturiser. They usually have a slightly illuminating finish, although you will also find smoothing and mattifying ones.

BBQ Smokers

If you're looking to improve, or actually - develop some flavors, we have something that can help you with that. Our BBQ smokers were created out of an endless passion for food and its natural aroma. We've improved the old design, added another heater that makes the temperature much higher - and thus the quality of the food changes for the better as well.

CBD pain cream

As a manufacturer, a producer, and a seller, we have a wide range of hemp products, including a CBD pain cream, muscle balm, cooling roll-on gel, and many others. These products can vary from 500 mg to 1000 mg of Cannabidiol per bottle - learn more about them, their ingredients, and directions for use on individual product descriptions.

Car wrapping Manchester

If you want your vehicle to be not only efficient and fast, but also aesthetically pleasing, use our services! Among other things, our business includes car wrapping in Manchester. This service involves changing the color of your vehicle. It will gain a new, elegant and aesthetically pleasing appearance. In addition, we also deal with tinting of windows and headlights.

Weight loss surgery abroad

Obesity is now one of the most common diseases of civilization. As a result, the need for weight loss surgery abroad arises for some patients. We are a private clinic, where we perform a variety of procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine, among others. In addition, we also deal with gynecology, orthopedics and ophthalmology.

Buildings for the residential

If you’ve dreamt about having your own studio, gym, home office or simply, a space for yourself outside your house, then take a look at our buildings for the residential. Browse our range of contemporary garden rooms and remember, that each project can be altered according to your needs. Contact us and get your own pod!


We can help you handle your pest problem in an effective manner - through rat control. Our company has years of experience in providing both domestic and commercial services for people in the whole city. We offer a 24/7 answering service – get in touch and get rid of rodents for good with the aid of our expert team!