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Opexity online courses

Our platform offers training and e-learning classes to help you achieve your business goals. Opexity online courses are dedicated to company representatives and their employees, as well as to people who are looking for a way to improve their skills. We provide business and managerial qualifications.

Cornerstone OnDemand support

With us, you will optimize the path to your success. We provide quality IT solutions. We provide talent management, process automation, training and strategic consulting. Cornerstone OnDemand support also means implementing a platform that will improve the quality of your business. It includes tools for coroporative use, improving recruitment, onboarding and training.

Website design Lytham

Are you looking for a company that will help you reach customers online? Check out our services - we offer web design. We are a growing Lytham-based company that is well aware of the needs of modern businesses. For you, we will create an aesthetically pleasing and responsive website that is sure to impress your clients and customers.


You can purchase these liturgical vestments in sets or individually - the choice is yours. Our chasubles are all created from high quality materials and are beautifully ornamented in different styles (including, e.g. Monastic, Gothic, Roman and others). Check our complete offer of catholic vestments, available online.

GD smoking

We aim to deliver our clients first-rate devices, such as our Smoke generator GD. Smoking couldn’t get any easier and better – our devices offer up to 8 hours of constant smoke without the need to add wood chips. The right temperature allows you to prepare delicious and fine-quality food – try for yourself!

Electric coffee roasters

If you want to enable experimentation, flavouring and customisation in your business, check out our shop's offering! We have a wide selection of electric coffee roasters. Choose according to what capacity or brewing time you care about. Thanks to our extensive range, each person is able to choose the perfect model to meet their needs.

BBQ Smokers

If you're looking to improve, or actually - develop some flavors, we have something that can help you with that. Our BBQ smokers were created out of an endless passion for food and its natural aroma. We've improved the old design, added another heater that makes the temperature much higher - and thus the quality of the food changes for the better as well.

Car wrapping Manchester

If you want your vehicle to be not only efficient and fast, but also aesthetically pleasing, use our services! Among other things, our business includes car wrapping in Manchester. This service involves changing the color of your vehicle. It will gain a new, elegant and aesthetically pleasing appearance. In addition, we also deal with tinting of windows and headlights.


We can help you handle your pest problem in an effective manner - through rat control. Our company has years of experience in providing both domestic and commercial services for people in the whole city. We offer a 24/7 answering service – get in touch and get rid of rodents for good with the aid of our expert team!

Small group tours of Ireland

Are you interested in seeing some of the top Ireland attractions? Then discover our tours of the whole country, from the South-West through the North. You’ll go to such destinations as the Rock of Cashel, the Titanic Museum or the Guinness Storehouse. You can also choose a tour dedicated solely to castles or opt for a private trip.