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With years of experience under my belt, I decided to start my own face clinic. My goal is to help my clients look better, feel younger and act more confident as they go about their day. The treatments that I offer are harmless and do not cause any distress or pain during or after. The results are stunning - I can make the wrinkles on your neck dissapear or strenghten your jaw line definition. Come and visit one of my clinics in Dublin, Galway or Belfast and check the prices of treatments on my website!

The services provided by our team of experienced beauticians include such procedures, as chemical peels, microdermabrasia, application of ingrown toenail braces, pedicure (also medical) and numerous others. However, one of the most popular cosmetic procedure conducted at Invofue beauty salon in Blackrock is permanent make-up and many many other skincare services. Give yourself or your loved ones some sense of SPA in our salon. We encourage you to chose our professional services and visit our website.

Clean skin, strong hair, no wrinkles - who would not like to have that for as long as possible? We know that everyone wants to look young and beautiful, so we opened our online store to offer you the best natural cosmetics. They are composed of plant extracts and oils to give you the best results possible. Your well-being is our priority, so not only can you buy products from us, but also book a beauty treatment. Visit us in Dublin - find a moment for yourself to relax and take care of your beauty.